Appeal for Unity

Submitted by RAJESH BEHL on Wed, 05/04/2017 - 9:11am

Dear Engineer Brothers & Sisters,
As you are well aware, the previous CMD/PSPCL to fulfill his selfish motives, lured, threatened or coerced few engineers to damage your mother body i.e. PSEB Engineers’ Association. Even after his exit, few self-styled leaders in order to satisfy their ego and fulfill vested interests are continuing their activities to divide the cadre and damage long term interests of engineers’ i.e. pay scales etc.
Friends, we have felt that at heart you have been with PSEBEA through tough times, although temporarily few of you were compelled by powers that be, to not express solidarity with PSEBEA. You shall feel proud that PSEBEA leadership has raised voice for the interests of State, Sector & Engineers without any fear, allurement or self-interest. Through this appeal we invite you with open arms to unite on the platform of PSEB Engineers’ Association so that we can fulfill our common aims & objectives with combined strength & vigor.

With Highest Regards
Executive Committee,
PSEB Engineers’ Association