Postpone the AGITATION upto 09/07/2021

Submitted by RAJESH BEHL on Thu, 01/07/2021 - 4:27pm

Today CMD PSPCL called the delegation of PSEBEA at Chandigarh regarding grant of start scale of 18030 to AEs.

CMD conveyed the concern of Hon'ble CM regarding ongoing agitation. It was assured that issue of the grant of start scale of 18030 to asst engineers will be resolved positively within next 15 days.

Keeping in view the appeal of Hon'ble CM Punjab and assurance of CMD PSPCL and in interest of the consumers of the State and in anticipation of positive outcome reg start scale issue, it has been decided to postpone the agitation upto 9/7/21.

All engineers will not switch off their official mobile phones, official WhatsApp groups may be joined, work to rule in thermal plants stands postponed.

Further decision regarding agitation program will be taken on 9/7/21.