Lehra Mohabatt best thermal plant in state sector

Submitted by VK Gupta on Mon, 20/02/2012 - 3:53pm

Lehra Mohabatt best thermal plant in state sector

V K Gupta
20 February, 2012

Despite dwindling coal stocks in many plants, the Lehra Mohabatt thermal plant in state sector achieved 101.19 per cent Plant Load Factor (PLF) as per a Central Electricity Authority (CEA) report.

LEHRA Mohabatt thermal plant (920 MW), which is located on the Bathinda-Barnala Road in Punjab, was the only plant in the state sector that achieved more than 100 per cent PLF in the country, as per the latest CEA report. Mr. Parihar, the Chief Engineer, Lehra Mohabatt, said that the total generation at the plant was 692.655 million units with 101.19 % PLF. Even the lowest ever auxiliary consumption of 7.36 % was achieved during month. He further said that as per CEA report PLF of thermal stations during January’12 was 76.38% in comparison to 80.17% during January’11. The reduction in PLF was due to less generation by some stations due to various forced outages, transmission evacuation problems and coal shortages.

The thermal power stations received about 36.0 MT of coal against the requirement of 39.1 MT during January’2012. It was about 92% of the total requirement of coal during the month. Loss of generation of about 547 MU due to shortage of coal during the month of January’12 alone has so far has been reported. A number of thermal power plants continue to grapple with dwindling coal stocks.

The coal stock of 37 thermal power stations were critical with less than 7days coal stock as on February 15. Out of these 21 plants were having coal stock of less than 4 days and comes under super critical category, which is even more worrisome. There are four plants namely Jhajjar, Kodarama. Durgapur and Anapara C, which have been synchronized but coal supply to them has not yet started by Coal India.

Four thermal power stations namely Kakrapara (440 MW), Lehra Mohabatt (920 MW), Sipat (2320MW) and Torangallu (260 MW) achieved PLF more than 100 per cent during January. Among them Kakrapara (440 MW) had the highest PLF of 101.5%. Thirty coal based thermal power stations with an aggregate installed capacity of 28600 MW achieved PLF more than 90%.