Regarding Postings at UT/ BBMB

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GoP in meeting dt 5.2.16, has asked PSEBEA to send the names of engineers to Chief Secy who are interested for their posting under UT, Chd and BBMB.

Ignoring Orders PSPCL shifts 4800 officers in 4 years

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Meeting dated 5/2/16 with Chief Secy. Punjab

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A delegation of PSEBEA held a meeting with Punjab Govt on 5/2/16. The meeting was chaired by Chief Secy and Pr Secy to CM was also present in the meeting.

Electricity employee object to bundling of energy from conventional and non-conventional source

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Pankaj Shah | TNN | Feb 5, 2016, 06.15 PM IST

Election results for Regional Secretary of GHTP,Lehra Mohabbat Region.

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