About Us

PSEB Engineers Association has been established with the aim of to provide a common forum for discussion and exchange of views on various problems, technical and administrative working so for as these relate to or affect the Association and its Members with a view to improving proficiency in Public Service, to inculcate and promote better understanding, mutual goodwill, co-operation, team spirit and high sense of duty among its members in the discharge of their responsibilities, to promote common interests, legitimate rights and act towards the redressal of genuine grievances of its members and to provide finance and other assistance to members from the PSEB Engineers' Association Welfare Fund, to the members who may got involved in some criminal proceedings while performing their official duties (except corruption cases) or have been victimatised due to Association activities.

The membership of the Association is open to all Engineering Officers (AE to EIC) and Architect Officers (Asst. Arch. to Sr. Architect) in service of the Board. The officer ceases to be the member of the Association after his retirement from the service of the Board. The membership of the “PSEB Engineers Association Welfare Fund” shall be mandatory for all members of the Association.