Organisation Structure


Executive Committee shall comprise maximum of 35 Executive Members. These Executive Members shall be elected as under:

  1. Executive Members shall be elected by direct elections through secret ballot for which all eligible members shall have the right to vote. Nominations shall be invited by the Chief Election Officer through wide publicity.
  2. One Executive Member posted in a particular Zone shall be elected from each Zonal Constituency for which only members of that particular region shall vote. PSEB has been divided into 16 Zonal Constituencies for the purpose as under:
    1. All Officers working in Geographical boundaries of City/Sub Amritsar/Tarn Taran Circles.
    2. All Officers working in Geographical boundaries Gurdaspur Circle and UBDC.
    3. All Officers working in Geographical boundaries Jalandhar and Kapurthala Circles.
    4. All Officers working in Geographical boundaries Bathinda and Muktsar Circles.
    5. All Officers working in Geographical boundaries Ferozepur and Faridkot Circles.
    6. All Officers working in Geographical boundaries of Sangrur and Patiala Op circles (except Head Office, Shakti Vihar, Thermal Design & Shakti Sadan & Ablowal).
    7. All Officers working in Geographical boundaries of Ropar / Mohali Circles and ASHP.
    8. All Officers working in Geographical boundaries Hoshiarpur and Nawanshahar circles.
    9. All Officers working in Geographical boundaries City(East)/City(West)/Sub Ludhiana, Khanna circles.
    10. All Officers working at GGSSTP Ropar.
    11. All Officers working at GNDTP Bathinda.
    12. All Officers working at GHTP Lehra Mohabbat
    13. All Officers working at Hydro Projects viz. RSD, Shahpur Kandi and MHP Talwara.
    14. All Officers working at Head Office, Shakti Sadan, Thermal Design, Shakti Vihar and Ablowal (Except Civil Organization).
    15. All Officers working in Civil Organization stationed at Patiala & Chandigarh.
    16. All Officers working in BBMB Offices and other offices stationed at Chandigarh. Election shall be through secret ballot under the supervision of Chief Election officer or his representative. The nominations shall be invited by the Chief Election Officer.
    17. The outgoing President & General Secretary shall be ex-officio members of the Executive so as to maintain continuity, Secretary/Benevolent Fund shall also be ex¬-officio member of the Executive.
    18. Remaining vacancies shall be through co-option by the Executive so as to make a total strength not exceeding 35. While co-opting one member shall be NIPEF or AIPEF representative in case he is not among the elected representatives.


It shall consists of Patron (if any) President. Sr. Vice President, General Secretary of the Association and Six other Senior Engineers to be nominated by the Executive Committee. The Advisory council shall. advise the Executive Committee on various policy matters. The meeting shall be held at least once in 4 months and shall be convened by General Secretary. The Advisory Council shall be reconstituted within two months of formation of new executive.


  1. REGIONAL COMMITTEES consisting of 5 or more members shall be constituted at regional level. The election of such Committees shall be held after every two years and the executive Committee shall ensure the constitution of these committees. Regions for this purpose shall be:
    1. Geographical area within each 'Op' Circle: 18 Nos.
    2. G.G.S.S.T.P.Ropar: 1 No.
    3. G.N.D.T.P. Bathinda: 1 No.
    4. G:H.T.P.Lehra Mohabbat: 1 No.
    5. Hydro Projects: 1 each for UBDC, RSD, MHP Talwara.
    6. Head Office Patiala: 1 No.
    7. Civil Orgn. BBMB & Others: 1 No.
    This regional Grievance, Committee shall look after interest of members at regional level and shall meet at least once in 2 months. This Committee shall be responsible for tackling issues amongst the members of the region as well as problems of Engineers of that region upto the level of S.E. These regions can be sub divided in sub regions depending upon organizational requirements. Regional Secretary, elected by the Region, shall head this committee. Regional Secretary shall in turn report to Executive and shall be permanent invitee to the Extended Executive Committee Meetings. In such meetings Regional Secretary shall enjoy same rights and shall perform similar duties as has been vested in Executive Member. The executive members posted in each region shall be ex-offico members of the respective region. On the written request of more than 50% members of the region, the Regional Secretary shall call the meeting of the region spelling out the agenda of such meetings within one month of receiving the requisition. An imprest can be issued to Regional Secretary by Secretary/Finance for specific purposes.
  2. ZONAL COMMITTEE: Two members from each of the Regional Grievance Committee including Regional Secretary falling under a Zone shall constitute Zonal Committee. The Executive Members of that Zone shall be Ex-Officio members. Zonal Secretary shall be elected amongst these members & shall be permanent invitee to extended executive committee meetings. This Committee shall sort out issues at Chief Engineer's level. The regional committee of GGSSTP, GNDTP, GHTP, Head Office & Hydro Projects shall act as Zonal Committee as well.